The Highest Good

God’s will is energy we receive in our bodies directly and from others through the vibrations coming from them. When we are in the righteous state we are infused with the highest and creative flow of energy from God. When we are inverted in unrighteousness we are in the flow of destruction and death. Isaiah 1:4 Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity: a seed of the wicked, corrupt children: they have forsaken the Lord: they have provoked the Holy one of Israel to anger: they are gone backward. (become inverted)

The inversion is the victory of the beast when we are driven by the flesh, the lower three chakras, and the fourth, the heart, is corrupted and thereby closed off to the eternal stream of the highest good. We are then doomed to cycle amongst the parasitic entities of the astral plane, separated into the 8th sphere, no longer abiding in Earth, no longer able to rise above into the fifth dimension, until the parasites have consumed us utterly, and we are no more.

The pattern of inversion into destruction is repeated throughout history. The Great Flood. Sodom and Gomorrah. Hitler’s Third Reich.

We are reverted when God the Holy Spirit sheds the love of God abroad in our hearts, and the Christ circumcises our hearts, and enters in there, living His Life through us, and the Light, Love, and Life of Christ uprights us, making our hearts righteous, and we live our lives through Christ, entering the eternal stream of the highest good, and are shepherded through the astral, which is brought into a laminar flow of coherency, and on into the heaven above the astral, into the fifth dimension, and beyond.

Our free will choice is either to stay in the stream of the beast, destroy ourselves, and God will redeem our essence after our souls are consumed by the parasitic powers and principalities in the Astral plane, or we can ask God to correct us, revert us, bring us into the Christ stream, and redeem our essence, so we can continue our soul’s journey, declaring the creative Works of the Lord while transcending beyond the earth, past the Astral plane, and away from the 8th sphere, into the higher dimensions of God’s creation.