Energy perception in the metaphysical and physical.

Hydrogen is a physical manifestation of a metaphysical dynamic according to Nikitin A P, Naberezhny Chelny city, LLC “Kamproekt”, Russia, E-mail:

Quantum metaphysics:
The hydrogen atom – the heart of the universe !?


This article presents the basics of cosmophysics – an energy theory that lays the foundation for a new paradigm of physical science, allowing to combine modern theories of the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is proposed to consider the movement of matter in space-time, that is, all changes and interactions, including number and gravitational, occurring in Space, not as force interactions of bodies, charges, particles, fields and the manifestation of the curvature of space-time, and how manifestations and consequences of energy processes in a single Cosmos. By the measure of these processes is the energy of the Cosmos, including “dark matter” and “dark energy”, with absolute power equal to Planck’s constant. The motion of matter is proposed in Space, occurring as a material spherical current, consider (describe, reflect in our mind) as a movement of energy, as a dynamics energy vector field, material-energy “cell” of the structure which is the proton. On the basis of the developed energy theory, it is possible energetic interpretation of the hydrogen atom and the movement of all baryonic matter, for example, the Earth and the Sun, when the movement of matter occurs and, accordingly is described by the “sink” and “source” (divergence – convergence) of the energy flow in the vector material-energy field. Planck quantities in the system of dimensions LT. It is argued that the cosmic “relic” radiation is generated in the atoms of the existing baryonic matter and does not have relationship to the mythical “Big Bang”.

“I think the essence of Search occupation vain and impossible,…if you look in vain for the substance…it does not mean that we can not be studied their characteristics… “

Galileo Galilei

“… All of the changes in the existing opportunities exist in reality” [Aristotle. Metaphysics. M., 2006 2. XII, 2]

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